Perfume – The Elixir of Wealth

Right from the early days of perfumery in ancient Egypt , the Middle East and Rome , right up till now perfume has been one of the biggest wealth generating products for savvy entrepreneurs.

In modern times, the popularity of perfume is ever increasing year on year, with designer eau de toilette and eau de perfume selling for $50 to $100 on average.

Indeed, fragrances in their various styles have remained one of the most popular gifts given on special occasions like mother’s day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and at Christmas time.

Ever Wondered Why There Are So Many Celebrity Perfumes Out
on the Market Lately?

Have you noticed the amount of celebrity fragrances out on the market these days?
Can you guess how many perfumes the likes of Britney Spears, J-Lo, Paris Hilton and co have released in the last few years alone?

Know how many bottles of their popular perfumes they shift every year?

I’ll tell you how many……….Millions and Millions of Bottles!
Bet you know why they keep doing it too right, Yep, you guessed right…. Lots and Lots of Money!

Most celebrities would kill for an opportunity to release some Eau De Them!
No doubt, some would willingly sell their mothers to get a perfume deal.

Whether you’re interested in setting up your own perfume making business, or just a keen enthusiast, this e-book lays bare the vast money making opportunities perfumery offers to the home based perfumer.

Find out I stumbled into this highly profitable business and started making serious money without stepping out of my house.
Learn how you too can tap into this industry and create your own wealth, with very little financial exposure.

My Perfume Making Journey

I became a full fledged perfume entrepreneur over 6 years ago, after messing about with perfume making as a hobby for a while.
I started off blending and experimenting with the most basic aromatic oils I could lay my hands on and that was it ….I was hooked!

Something magical happens to you when you start combining fragrant oils; it grabs hold of your heart, and inspires you beyond your wildest imagination till you find yourself creating the most beautiful and enticing perfume blends.

From that fledging beginning, I began seeking out specific scent oils and blending them according to the combinations that took my fancy and in the process, creating exquisite new fragrances that are just mind-blowing.

The icing on the cake was when people started complimenting me whenever I wore my perfumes and asking what they’re called. When told the perfumes are my own blend I was happily stunned when people started asking to buy some.
That was the beginning of my highly rewarding venture into the perfume industry.

From the humble beginning of selling my parfum blends to friends, family, colleagues and random strangers who stop me in the street, my perfume making hobby has turned out to be The Dream Money Making Business.

I Get to Play Around With My Hobby and Make a Lot of Money Having Fun!

Independent perfume makers are doing extremely well and making really good money within the many niches in the perfume industry.

Our services and products are in high demand right through the year; especially because we are able to offer special services and products to our customers that the famous perfume brands and department stores are not offering.

There are plenty of customers out there wanting to buy the superior quality perfumes and scented bath and body products small scale perfume makers make. We offer great products at very reasonable prices.
However, there is a shortage of individual perfume makers out there to meet those customers’ needs.

For instance, a home based perfume maker can offer his or her customers more concentrated perfumes, including stronger duplications of the customer’s favorite designer perfume for far less money than what the weaker originals cost in the big department stores.

It’s a win, win situation all over.

By only paying a fraction of what the originals cost, the customers are very happy to get a superior quality product at a great price and save a lot of money.
You as the perfumer on the other hand, get to make a large profit for very little work.

In my experience, perfume making is one the top 5 businesses that you can start with a low budget and earn a generous steady income from,
working from home.



My goal is to show you how to make perfumes with the minimum of fuss.
It doesn’t matter if all you’re creating is your own signature perfume or perfumes that you intend to sell for profit. You can start at the level you want and at the pace to fit suit you.

I personally don’t believe in being careless with money, so I’ve structured this ebook in a way that can help you start your work from home perfume business on a small budget. This system will also help you keep your cost down.

The low start up cost and being able to work from home gives you the flexibility to decide if perfume making is something you want to do on a part time or full time basis.
From there on, the sky is the limit.

If all you ever did with your new skill is make your own perfume or create perfume blends for your loved ones, this ebook will have served you well.

Okay, So What’s Next?

It’s The Wild West Out There Pal,
Get to Know the Good, the Bad and the Very Nasty!

Wading Through The Minefield Of Perfume Making Supplies Is One
of the Biggest Challenges Faced By Perfume Makers.

Reliable suppliers with premium quality products, at the right prices, are as easy to find as a needle in the hay stack!

Surfing the web for suppliers can be the most time consuming chore and the biggest gamble of all for a small scale perfumer. There’s no guarantee of the quality of products you’ll end up with.
It’s a jungle out there on the World Wide Web, with a lot predatory suppliers out to prey on newbie perfume making entrepreneurs.

I myself did fall a victim to such companies in the past, so I know there are dangers out there for budding perfume makers looking to buy quality perfume raw materials.

In my early days in this business, I once bought fragrance oils worth $150 from a supplier and all I got were oils that you can barely smell and with very harsh chemical undertones.
After several unsuccessful attempts to contact them by telephone and emails to complain about my order,
I had to give up and accept that I’ve been conned out of my money.

Another company asked for money order payments only, to be sent to a mail box address.
I was like, yeah right!
It sounded too much like a scam to me and I’m not such a schmuck that I’d fall for that particular trick.

Did I fall for some more cons? You bet I did!
Been there, done that, never going there again!


Getting it Right from Day One

Here’s a Good Advice for You,

Don’t be part of a herd, blindly led around by the promises of 100+ pages ebook, on………… “How to Make Perfume”.
Plus the extra and just as useless 2, 3, 4 or more bonus ebooks meant to turn your business into an overnight success without you lifting a finger.

There’s No Free Lunch People!

If it’s possible to make money from doing nothing, we’d all be Millionaires.

Most of this something for nothing ebooks are filled with nothing but a bunch of worthless information that won’t get you anywhere. Turn the book inside out and you’d be very lucky to you can flesh out 2 pages of useful information; from the hundreds of pages they’ve palmed off on you.
That’s the reality folks!

In my opinion, learning to make perfume from home is not rocket science.
You don’t need a chemistry degree, nor do you have to spin round a million times, with one hand up in the air waving a magic wand and the other behind your left knee to create your own perfume or make perfume oils.

In fact, making perfume is quite easy once you can get someone experienced to guide you in what to do, what to buy and where to buy them from.

You Don’t Need to Read 10,000 Pages of Pure Fluff to Start Blending Perfume.

This is why I get so mad with unscrupulous writers, who churn out useless ebooks, promising everything but teaching you nothing.
These are the people giving “Self Help” writers a bad name.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about; with lots of hands on experience and knowledge gained from living, breathing and making money from what they’re writing about.

I would pick such a person any day or night over someone who knows next to nothing about that topic, apart from what they’ve read on a couple of hobby websites before setting them self up as an expert on that subject.

Oh, just one more thing, don’t get fooled by the endless testimonials jumping out at you from some websites.

It’s very likely they’ve all been made up by the author. Most sources of genuine testimonials are more than happy to include their emails or website addresses so you can contact them direct to verify their comments.

”You’re absolutely wonderful. I bought your book online yesterday and I’m now a millionaire” S. B. Norway ……..….This Just Won’t Cut It!

In case you’re wondering, NO – I’m not here to bash other writers or to stop you buying from them.
There are some good products out there; you just need to know what to look out for.


Everything you need to know to start earning megabucks from creating and selling your perfume is right here, in 80 pages.

My Aim Is to Show You Exactly What Do and Not to Do as a Perfume Maker, and Get You Making Serious Money From Your Perfume Blends.

Find out all the insider knowledge of how independent perfume makers are raking in a lot of money from selling their perfumes.

  • Perfume Making, the Myths, the Truth and the Profit.
    You Get a Crash Course on the History of Perfume: The In and Out of Perfumery; Including Its Origin and Present Day Status.
    Discover How Savvy Work at Home Entrepreneurs are Raking In Millions Every Year from Selling Their Own Aromatic Perfume Blends.
    Making Perfume Is Not Rocket Science, Nor as Difficult as It’s Made Out to Be. And No, It Doesn’t Have to Cost You an Arm and a Leg. Get the Full Scoop in Scent2Riches.
  • The Best Perfume Making Niches to Specialize In That Will Bring You Lots of Loyal Life Long Customers.
    There Are Several Areas Within the Perfume Industry That You Can Tap Into and Make Your Cash Cow.
    Find Out About the Most Profitable and Popular Perfumes to Make, That Will Sell Quickly and Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More
    This Section Will Fill You In On How to Become The One to Buy From When Customers Are Looking to Buy Your Type of Perfume Products.
  • Perfume Making Ingredients: The Raw Materials You Need to Make Your Perfumes.
    Find Out About All the Perfume Ingredients, Perfume Supplies and Perfume Making Kit You Need for Your Perfume Business.
    You Also Get Recommendations on Top Fragrance Oil Suppliers.
    Get the Low Down on How To Make Homemade Perfume, Natural Perfume, Spot On Copies of Designer Fragrances, Fragrance Body Oil, Aromatherapy Perfume, Starting Your Own Fragrance Line and Much More./li>
  • Setting up Your Work Area and Getting to Know Your Fragrant Essences
    Find Out How to Build Up Your Collection of Scented Oils, Familiarize Yourself With Fragrance Oils, What Equipments You Need, How to Set Up Your Work Area and Store Your Supplies.
  • The Art of Blending: How To Compose Your Perfumes
    Learn How to Combine Your Perfume Ingredients, In the Right Concentrations and In the Right Perfume Base for Each Blend.
    Discover How to Produce Well Balanced and Long Lasting Perfumes, Perfume Oils, Alcohol Based Perfumes and Solid Perfumes; Using Natural essential oils, Aromatic Fragrance oil and Aroma Chemicals.
  • Stand Out, Snowball Your Sales and Get Your Customers to Buy From You for Life!
    With the Information In This Section, Get to Know the Tricks of the Trade That Will Help You Get the Most Money for Your Fragrance Blends and Generate Repeat Business From Your Customers.
  • Marketing Your Products: Who You to Sell To, How and Where
    Outlined Here Are the Fastest and Most Cost Effective Ways to Get Your Products Out There and Selling Like Hot cake.
  • Business and Fragrance Industry regulations
    This Informative Section Will Show You the Perfume Industry and Business Regulations to Be Aware of.
  • Buy From The Best Suppliers On the Market.
    Discover the Top 50 USA , UK , Canadian and European Companies to Buy Your Supplies From.
    I’ve Used Most of These Suppliers and Contacts Over and Over Again In My Own Business. You Won’t Find Most Of Them From Looking In The Yellow Pages or Surfing the Web.
    They Are Reliable, Have Extensive Range of Top Quality Products and Great Customer Service. Best of All, Their Prices Are Fantastic.
    The Success of Your Blends Totally Depend on You Getting This Part Right.
    Without the Top Raw Materials required For Your Blends, You Have No Business.




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