Perfume Making is Fun, Exciting and Financially Rewarding

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"I love this book, I can’t wait to start making some money from my blends”
- S. B. Norway

Perfume – The Elixir of Wealth

Right from the early days of perfumery in ancient Egypt , the Middle East and Rome , right up till now perfume has been one of the biggest wealth generating products for savvy entrepreneurs.

In modern times, the popularity of perfume is ever increasing year on year, with designer eau de toilette and eau de perfume selling for $50 to $100 on average.

Indeed, fragrances in their various styles have remained one of the most popular gifts given on special occasions like mother’s day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and at Christmas time.

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My Perfume Making Journey

I became a full fledged perfume entrepreneur over 6 years ago, after messing about with perfume making as a hobby for a while.

I started off blending and experimenting with the most basic aromatic oils I could lay my hands on and that was it ….I was hooked!

Something magical happens to you when you start combining fragrant oils; it grabs hold of your heart, and inspires you beyond your wildest imagination till you find yourself creating the most beautiful and enticing perfume blends.

From that fledging beginning, I began seeking out specific scent oils and blending them according to the combinations… Read more








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Independent perfume makers are doing extremely well and making really good money within the many niches in the perfume industry.

Our services and products are in high demand right through the year; especially because we are able to offer special services and products to our customers that the famous perfume brands and department stores are not offering.

There are plenty of customers out there wanting to buy the superior quality perfumes and scented bath and body products small scale perfume makers make. We offer great products at very reasonable prices.
However, there is a shortage of individual perfume makers out there to meet those customers’ needs.

What Should You Be Looking Out for?

It’s The Wild West Out There Pal, Get to Know the Good, the Bad and the Very Nasty!

I love this book, I can’t wait to start making some money from my blends
 — S. B. Norway

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